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Coming in June: The Cork Report’s 2015 Eastern Rosé Tasting


New York wine remains the core of this website, but — as you’ve probably noticed — I’ve started to stretch my legs a bit. I’ve been learning about and tasting wines from other eastern states, which I’m arbitrarily defining as any state that isn’t California, Oregon or Washington, more. My time organizing TasteCamp up and down the east coast, as well as my time on the Drink Local Wine board, taught me something: there are some seriously delicious wines made in places even a local wine advocate might not expect — places like New Jersey, Connecticut, Colorado, Michigan, Virginia, Vermont,…

Jones von Drehle Vineyards 2014 Rosa Dia


The plans for my 2015 Rosé report are coming along nicely, with wines from wineries all across the east coast (defined for the tasting wineries not in California, Oregon or Washington). This year’s tasting will have wines not only from various New York regions, but also Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Michigan and North Carolina. The response has been humbling. Truly. My tasting report will focus on 2015 wines, but some wineries have sent me 2014 rosé as well, including  Jones von Drehle Vineyards 2014 Rosa Dia ($18). Jones von Drehle is a relatively new producer in the Yadkin Valley AVA in North…