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Corks of the Forks: The Last Thanksgiving Wine Story You’ll Ever Need to Read


When considering your Thanksgiving wine choices, here’s the only advice you need: Drink good wine. Don’t complicate it any more than that. OK. You probably want to know why it’s that simple, and I’m happy to explain it. I’ve written Thanksgiving-related stories for at least a decade, just like every other wine writer — from local guys like me to national columnists in the big, glossy magazines. Some feel compelled to do so, but often we’re told to write these stories because they’re apparently popular, though I don’t actually understand why. None of my friends or family members stress about…

Macari Vineyards 2014 Rose


Macari Vineyards 2014 Rose ($16), may be a bit of a kitchen sink of a wine, made with 49% merlot, 17% cabernet franc, 17% cabernet sauvignon, 10% chardonnay, 5% malbec and 2% viognier, but this dry, light pink wine is also fresh and delicious. On the paler side of local rose — not that it matters at all — it offers scents of citrus and citrus blossom, wild strawberry and watermelon with a little underlying earthiness as it warms. There’s more strawberry and citrus on the bright, balanced palate — but also a distinct peachy note. There’s good acidity but also a gently…

Long Island Wine Press: Five Long Island Wines That Over-Deliver at Different Price Points

Wine Press 2015 Fall.
Sept. 9, 2015.
Photo by Randee Daddona

Editor’s Note: This story originally appeared in the fall 2015 edition of the Long Island Wine Press It’s no wonder that from time to time you can see a chip on the collective shoulder of Long Island winery owners and winemakers. They pour time and money into their work and then they hear and read this with some regularity: “Long Island wines are over-priced.” Sadly, just about everyone in and around the local wine industry has heard that declaration – or some version of it – multiple times during their careers. Before we go any further, let’s clear up that misconception. …

Bud Break 2015 Has Come to Long Island (PICTURES)


Anyone living on Long Island knows how cool this spring has been. It’s warming up though and today I started to see bud break pictures from across Long Island wine country in my Twitter feed. As I see or receive more pictures, I’ll make sure to add them to this post. Petit Verdot at Macari Vineyards  Pinot Blanc at Lieb Cellars Cabernet Franc at Shinn Estate Vineyards Cabernet Franc at Bedell Cellars Teroldego at Southold Farm + Cellar

Macari Vineyards 2013 “No. 1″ Sauvignon Blanc


There is a lot of very good sauvignon blanc made on Long Island now, which is great given the seafood-focused local cuisine. “What grows together, goes together” and all that — and even though I don’t eat much of the bounty from local waters, I do drink a fair amount of local sauvignon in the warmer months. I don’t think of it as the white grape of the future here anymore. It’s the white grape of the present now. But that doesn’t mean new and interesting things aren’t being done with it. 60% of the fruit that went into Macari Vineyards…

North Fork Wines Take A Field Trip To Racines NY BYO Mondays


If you’ve suffered through my cooking, you know there’s certainly no meal coming from my kitchen that’s worthy of a special bottle of wine. In fact, drinking something quickly is your best method of defense. I tend to hoard long-held vintages or the Brunello procured on a magical vacation for an event where corkage is appropriate or find that rare BYOB restaurant of a certain caliber. Occasionally, I miss a drinkability window and I curse my principals and wish I’d just opened that bottle with a takeout turkey burger. Having the luxury of endless access to Long Island wine, they…

Macari Vineyards 2014 “Early Wine” Chardonnay


The release of very few Long Island wines can match the buzz generated when Macari Vineyards releases their “Early Wine” Chardonnay each fall, right after harvest winds down. It’s always the first wine from the new vintage to hit store shelves, serving as a harbiger for Thanksgiving as well as the winter holidays. You can think of it as Long Island’s Beaujolais Nouveau — except it’s delicious. Originally inspired by the jungwein (young wine) of Macari’s consulting winemaker Helmut Gangl’s homeland, Austria — where they are often served in heuriger shortly after harvest — the grapes for this wine wine were picked on September 8.…

Macari Vineyards Named 2014 “Winery of the Year”


Regardless of what anyone thinks about wine competitions — how they are run, how the results are used to sell wine, etc. — when a deserving group of people are recognized for their work, it’s worth noting. Macari Vineyards being named “Winery of the Year” at the 2014 New York Wine & Food Classic yesterday is newsworthy because the Macari family, and the family-run culture they’ve cultivated at their winery, is worthy of even more attention than it already gets. “Family-run” gets thrown around a lot in the wine world. I guess it’s meant to to indicate a level of artisanal, hands on-ness.…

Macari Vineyards 2013 Rosé


Macari Vineyards 2013 Rosé ($17), a blend of 60% cabernet franc, 38% merlot, 2% pinot noir, doesn’t jump out of the glass at you. It’s more subtle on the nose than that, but if you pay attention, the melange of red cherry, straweberry and sweet herbs is quite elegant. Medium bodied with a serious bolt of acidity, the palate is fruit forward, but not overly fruity because of nice, savory herbal notes. There is an earthy component too that is somewhat reminiscent of raw button mushroom. All of that acidity sticks out just a bit, but overall this is a wine that…