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The Niagara 2012 Vintage in Their Own Words: When We Stopped Measuring Our Brix

It’s the same story that plays out every year. Winemakers are forced to evaluate the complexities of a growing season in a consumer-friendly pitch meant to inflate or dampen expectations of a particular vintage. I tend to bel...


The Long Island 2012 Vintage in Their Own Words: A Grower’s — and Sorter’s — Year

Writing harvest and vintage reports is always — shall we say, interesting? I hope that none of my winemaker or winery owner friends take offense, but I know that — nine times out of ten — what they tell me abo...


Community Matters: What’s 5 Hours of Hand Sorting Between Friends?

Almost a week later, I still have purple stains under my finger nails and my back still spasms a bit if I stand just so. It’s simple math, really — take a 6’3″ out-of-shape guy, make him bend over a sort...


Harvest 2012: Malbec at Peconic Bay Winery

Yesterday, the team at Peconic Bay Winery picked 10 tons of malbec from their Oregon Road Vineyard. The fruit came in at 22 brix. This pick is of special interest to me because I’ve purchased enough of it to make two 5-ga...


Harvest 2012: Merlot for Rose at Paumanok Vineyards

Winemaker Kareem Massoud is going to send along some harvest data today (or perhaps he can just drop it into the comments below) but Paumanok Vineyards harvested 2012 merlot for rose yesterday.


Harvest 2012: Pinot Noir at Bellwether Wine Cellars

Kris Matthewson, winemaker at Bellwether Wine Cellars, sends this report from their September 7 pinot noir harvest:


Harvest 2012: Chardonnay at Eveningside Vineyards (VIDEO)

This video was taken at Eveningside Vineyards in Cambria, NY with owner Randy Biehl overseeing a small harvest of what looked to be ideal chardonnay grapes. These grapes will ultimately go into barrel and produce his Estate Res...


Harvest 2012: Riesling at Peconic Bay Winery

Peconic Bay Winery general manager Jim Silver sent this harvest report yesterday:


Harvest 2012: Chardonnay in Niagara USA

Harvest has ramped up here in Niagara this week as the time for chardonnay had come in several local vineyards. Leonard Oakes Estate Winery had already taken Vignoles before pulling chardonnay in addition to pinot noir for spar...