Posts Written OnFebruary 03, 2005

Wolffer Estates 2003 La Ferme Martin Chardonnay


Chardonnay is the most-planted grape on Long Island…despite the fact that it’s not as popular as it once was (thanks California!). As you would probably expect, there’s a wide range of wines made from all those grapes. A good portion of them go into white table blends (often with Riesling or other varietals) that have their place, but aren’t my favorite. There are some California-style Chards too…with lots of butter and oak. Again, those usually aren’t my favorite, but a couple do make their way into my glass on occasion. If you read LENNDEVOURS, you’ve probably heard me refer to…

2003 Laurel Lake Vineyards Chardonnay


Chilean wines are hot right now both because of their quality and their value. Personally, I think that on the bottom end of the price scale (under $10) Chilean wine is often the way to go. Laurel Lake Vineyards, in Laurel, New York, has brought Chilean winemaking talent and experience to our Bordeaux-esque microclimate…and the results are quite good. Purchased by Chilean investors in 1999, Laurel Lakes is delievering  well-crafted and resonably priced wines to a New York market often filled with over-priced bottles. While not as well known as some of the over-hyped, marketing-crazed Long Island wineries, Laurel Lakes’…

Wine Blogging Wednesday #6 — South African Reds


It may seem that excitement of WBW #5 has barely faded but…we’ve got another one for cranking for February, hosted by none other than Jeanne of CookSister. Now anyone that knows J knows that she hails from South Africa…so is it any surprise that she has chosen South African Reds as her theme? I think not. I for one am excited to expand my enological horizons and scour local wine shops for a suitable bottle or two for the event, which is scheduled for February 16th. I’ve only had a handful of SA wines…and only a couple reds. As I…