Wbw10_1You can blame it on Sideways if you want, but the fact is, pinot noir is smoking hot. Several New York winemakers tell me that people come to their tasting rooms and buy cases of their pinot noir without even tasting it. Frankly, that’s not too bright because of a lot of it is mediocre at best…but I digress…

The rest of pinot noir’s family is being left out in the cold…but that’s about to change with Wine Blogging Wednesday #10 — White Pinot, hosted by Alice of My Adventures in the Breadbox.

Many of you have been whining clamoring for some white wine themes for WBW, so here it is.

If you don’t already know about the phenomenon that is Wine Blogging Wednesday, the concept is simple:

  • Buy a wine that fits the theme (hell, some participants have bent this rule a little)
  • Drink said wine
  • Blog about it on the specified event date

You don’t have to be a wine geek, snob or genius to participate either. Wine is supposed to be fun, not intimidating. Any wine nerd you meet was a newbie once too…so please join us for WBW #10.

Head on over to My Adventures in the Breadbox for all the details.

I’m also happy to report that this juggernaut of a blog event has become so popular that I’ve got hosts lined up all the way through to February 2007. But, if you want to be added to the queue…just let me know.