Posts Written OnDecember 05, 2005

Boy, I Hate Leaky Corks


When you cut the foil capsule on a bottle of wine…this is not what you want to see — significant wine leakage. If wine is getting out, more air than you want is getting in. I have no way of knowing if poor quality cork, improper bottle corking or improper storage before it got to me is to blame, but it sure is disappointing. What I do sometimes, to help avoid ruined bottles like this is slip the capsule off (it’s just for looks, it doesn’t protect the wine in any way) and check the bottles in my rack regularly.…

Cuts Like a Knife…the Sequel


It’s been over a year since the last time I cut my thumb with a chef’s knife, but it happened again this morning as I diced a little filling for my omelette. This one was a bit more serious a gash…so reluctantly I went to the ER to have it checked out. No stitches required, but they glued it closed and wrapped it up…as you can see at right. So, I get to wear this bad boy for two days and then turn to regular bandaids (I hope). One good thing about having extremely sharp knives — it didn’t hurt…