Posts Written OnApril 20, 2007

A Long Island Beer Podcast: The Daily Catch


By Contributing Columnist Donavan Hall A little more than two years ago, I started exploring the world of podcasts.  I forget the details, but I know Lenn planted the seed for the idea of doing a beer podcast. He sent me a link to a wine podcast and I started listening. Being a beer enthusiast I started searching for beer related podcasts. I found a few and started listening. It wasn’t long before I plugged a microphone into my laptop and started doing my own podcast. The Daily Catch (that’s the name of my podcast) went through a number of…

WTNs: Vetter Vineyards’ Current Releases (Lake Erie)


I obviously taste–and write about–a lot of different New York wines. The vast majority come from Long Island, but there are a lot of wines from the Hudson River Valley and Finger Lakes regions that pass my lips too. But, western New York state has proven a tough nut to crack. For one, I can’t get any of their wines locally. And two, few of them seem very press savvy. I’ve emailed all of them on numerous occasions asking for press kids and for a list of places where they sell their wine in the NYC metro area. Usually my…