Wbw-new Even though this is a New York wine blog, non-NY wines do make their way into my cellar, into my glass and ultimately into my mouth. Wine Blogging Wednesday is often the reason, and May's edition (the 57th) of WBW, hosted by my friend Jeff at Good Grape, will force me once again to leave local wines for at least a day.

Jeff's theme is a good one:

Thematically, this month is intended to be broad while acting as homage to Robert Mondavi, the 1-year anniversary of his passing on Saturday, May 16.

Because Mondavi was such an inspiration physically, spiritually and
philosophically to so many – both in the industry and to consumers,
while acting as the forefather of the modern California wine movement,
I would like for WBW participants to revisit a California wine that
they have enjoyed, or have a particular fond memory of, and tell a

Simply, Mondavi promoted an air of inclusiveness, not exclusiveness,
conducting many of his business practices around a philosophy of aiding
other wineries in knowledge and practices to create a profile for
California wine that would rival the world’s finest wines.

The easy route for this theme would be to taste a Mondavi wine, but
I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that Mondavi would have preferred
an air of openness.  No good is accomplished by a singularity of
purpose that acts as an exclusionary barrier for others.

Please go buy or pull from your stash, a bottle of whatever that
California wine was that created a memorable chapter in your life, revisit the
bottle, and share your story.

I don't have a Mondavi wine that inspired me or pushed me forward in my journey (obsession) with wine, but there are a few California wines that fit the bill. Stay tuned to see which ones and why.

Join us on May 13 as we celebrate the life of Robert Mondavi and the wines and wine industry he helped create.