Posts Written OnDecember 19, 2012

Bedell Cellars 2011 “TASTE” Rose


Rose isn’t relegated to spring and summer duty in my house. We drink it year round and as long as its dry (or nearly so depending on how balanced any residual sugar is), we’re usually pretty happy. I don’t expect transcendence from rose. Maybe that’s wrong of me and I should expect more — at least on occasion — but I really just want rose to be balanced and food friendly. But, on occasion I find rose that is just a bit more than that. Bedell Cellars 2011 “TASTE” Rose ($18) is one of those wines because of its texture,…

Two Films that Finger Lakes Wine Lovers — and Finger Lakes Winemakers — Should See


If you love wine — if you even like wine — there are two new movies coming out just in time for the holidays that you should see. Okay, that’s not entirely fair. I’ve only seen one, so I can’t give a full review of both, and neither will be in theaters. You have to make an effort to find these films, which are documentaries. And you should. I’ll take it a step further: It would be wonderful if Finger Lakes wine industry professionals took the time to watch both films. The reason is simple, and goes back to the…