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Craft Beer On Long Island Grows Some Hair — Moustache Brewing Company


Is your Fu-Manchu feeling fuzzy? Is your goatee getting tingly? If so, that may be because Moustache Brewing Co. is riding its burly handlebar follicles straight into Riverhead this summer. Proprietors Matt and Lauri Spitz are dedicated to awesome facial hair and craft beer — and they are responsible for the new Long Island microbrewery soon to open in the heart of Polish Town. With the help of a highly successful kickstarter campaign launched in 2012, the couple has managed to raise over $30,000 with a list of investors from around the globe. “We were surprised to see people from…

Vineyard Visuals: Icewine 2013 Harvest at Leonard Oakes Winery


Icewine 2013 Harvest @ Leonard Oakes from Bryan Calandrelli on Vimeo. Mother Nature did not disappoint the harvest crew at Leonard Oakes Winery as the week of January 21st provided more than enough time for Jonathan Oakes and gang to pull the rest of their grapes from the 2012-growing season. Bone-chilling temperatures and a massive snowfall didn’t make it comfortable or easy but it did ease nerves and make for a long window to press out their frozen grapes. This quick interview and series of images is a glimpse into what it was like the day of the vidal harvest.…