Posts Written OnApril 02, 2013

Announcing NYCR Tasting Reports: Starting with 2012 Rosé


One of my top goals for this website in 2013 is the addition of vintage and tasting reports that span regions for a variety of grapes or styles of wine. The idea of a comprehensive tasting (or tastings) for — say 2010 merlots or 2012 rieslings — isn’t a new one, but I don’t know of anyone else doing it for New York wine. The logistics and mechanics of doing these tastings are a bit daunting for a website published by part-time-but-passionate lovers of local wine — not to mention the writing of the reports — but I feel strongly…

What We Drank (April 2, 2013)


Here is just a sampling of what our editors and contributors have been drinking… Gibson Campbell: The Red Hook Winery 2010 Die Welt Des Mondes Reserve “Macari Vineyards” Four months after being crippled by Hurricane Sandy, The Red Hook Winery reopened its tasting room to the public on March 1. I visited the newly reopened tasting bar this weekend and picked up the 2010 Macari “Die Welt Des Mondes” Reserve which translated means A Walk on the Moon. This wine was crafted by Abe Schoener using fruit from Macari Vineyards, on the North Fork of Long Island. It is a blend of…