Posts Written OnOctober 01, 2013

Roanoke Vineyards 2009 Cabernet Franc


When it comes to cabernet franc, Roanoke Vineyards is the rare Long Island producer that can be counted on — almost without fail — from year to year. Cabernet franc can be tricky. If it doesn’t get ripe enough, it can taste like green bell pepper. Too ripe and it loses varietal character. It can be a fine line to toe, but owner and vineyard manager Richie Pisacno deftly walks it. And winemaker Roman Roth carries it through in the cellar. Roanoke Vineyards 2009 Cabernet Franc ($34) delivers aromas of dark-roast coffee, roasted nuts, blackberry, black cherry and cola. On…

Fork Finds: Orient Country Store, Orient, NY


Sorry. It was my Summer of Selfishness; I haven’t been sharing my Fork Finds as promised. Maybe I didn’t want to fight crowds of loyal NYCR-ers who’d run to my recommendations causing longer lines and a survival of the fittest reality TV-style contest to see who’d get the last blueberry cream pie. (Ooops, that already happened.) Since Lenn reminded me our readers are courteous and less likely to throw a punch over pastry than your usual winery visitor, I am back. And since I’m spilling all of my secrets, I might as well blow up one of my favorite spots…