Posts Written OnAugust 29, 2014

Montauk Brewing Company Driftwood Ale (ESB)


As the seasonal creep, well…..creeps in, I’m maintaining that there are still several weeks of summer left to enjoy. No pumpkin beers have found their way into my refrigerator, and the beach is absolutely awesome when the kids are back at school. So I’m still drinking a lot of canned beer. This past week I picked up a six-pack from Montauk Brewing Company as I deemed it apropos to drink down at the ocean. The ale is a true amber color with some copper around the edges and a white little head. The aromas of the ale are very mellow…

2014 Growing Season Check-In: McCall Wines


As we head into September and then the grape harvest season across New York, the NYCR team will be checking in with some of the state’s top wineries and vineyards to see how the growing season has been and where things stand today. I caught up with Brewster McCall of McCall Wines, who recently walked his family’s vineyard,  Corchaug Estate, in Cutchogue and spoke with his father, Russ McCall, about the season. Like much of New York, the spring at  McCall’s Corchaug Estate was cool, rainy and started late — a couple weeks later than average. Spring rain isn’t a problem, according to Brewster…