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Announcing: Wine Blogging Wednesday Logo Contest

The trusty Wine Blogging Wednesday logo that you see here has served us well. It’s been plastered all over the blogosphere, appearing on participant sites, host blogs and over on But, as everyone’s favorite virtual wine tasting event enters its 42nd edition, I think it’s time for a change. With that in mind, I’m excited to announce the new Wine Blogging Wednesday Logo Contest, which starts today and will run until March 31, 2008. At any point during that time, you can submit your logo idea via email to Once we’ve collected all of the submissions, we’ll post…

Wine Blogging Wednesday #42 Announced: Just 7 Words


Can you write a 7-word wine tasting note? I’m not sure that I can, but I’ll have to try for Wine Blogging Wednesday #42, hosted by Andy of Spittoon. For this edition, he wants us to taste an Italian red wine (no further restrictions) and write a tasting note using only 7 words. This should be a fun one and it will no doubt be interesting to read through all the submissions. The wine blogger from England has a few caveats for this 7-word note, however: "The finished tasting note must make sense, be grammatically correct(ish), punctuation will help of…

WBW #40 Round Up. WBW#41 Announcement.


Who knew that petite sirah would be so popular as a Wine Blogging Wednesday theme? Well, apparently someone did, because she chose it as the theme for WBW #40 Que Sirah Sirah. The Wannabe certainly doesn’t seem like any sort of poser to me. She’s posted the round up for this edition of WBW and we tied the record for number of participants with 54 blogs joining us. Thanks for hosting Megan! Of course, we can’t bask in the glow of WBW #40 for too long, what with the first WBW of 2008 right around the corner. WBW #41 will…

WBW #40: Fleur de California 2006 Petit Sirah


Well, it’s Friday and I’m finally getting around to posting my entry for Wine Blogging Wednesday #40, hosted by everyone’s favorite Wannabe Wino. Of course, is she really just a wannabe? Some would say not. But anyway, her theme Que Sirah SIrah, asked us to turn our palates towards a grape that is sometimes overlooked, Petite Sirah. My experience with PS has mostly been relegated to Bogle’s $10 version, which I’ve alway enjoyed as a value wine for with grilled foods. My pathetic local wine shops just don’t stock much of the stuff beyond that. So, I had to do…

Wine Blogging Wednesday #39 Roundup Posted #40 Announced


Once again, a Wine Blogging Wednesday roundup has been posted and I didn’t realize it. For WBW #39, Brooklynguy wanted us to check out "Silver Burgundy" and it looks like plenty of people found delicious wines. Mine was only okay, but it was still fun checking out a region that I know very little about. And, Sonodora over at Wannabe Wino has announced the theme for WBW #40. She wants participants to check out Petite Sirah, a varietal that I dig and think I’ll actually be able to find a good representation of.

WBW #39: La Mere Boitier Macon-Villages 2004


Finding a Silver Burgundy, as this month’s WBW host asked of us, proved much harder than I ever imagined. True, I didn’t have time to go to my go-to shop for WBW. It’s an hour from our house with traffic. But still, I stopped at two shops on my way home Tuesday evening expecting that I could find something. Strangely, if we were doing Chablis or "gold" Burgundy, I would have several options. Not so for this month’s theme, however. But, it was the lovely and talented Mrs. LENNDEVOURS, who found this bottle of La Mere Boitier Macon-Villages at a…

Don’t Forget: Tomorrow is Wine Blogging Wednesday #39


Tomorrow marks the 39th edition of Wine Blogging Wednesday, the world’s favorite virtual wine tasting event. Neil over at Brooklynguy’s Wine and Food blog is playing host and he’s chosen "Silver Burgundy" as the theme. As has happened the last couple of times out, WBW has snuck up on me again. So, I’ll be heading to a few shops tonight after work in search of an appropriate wine.

WBW #38 Roundup and WBW #39 Announcement


I’m a little behind with this, but the roundup for Wine Blogging Wednesday #38, Portuguese Table Wines has been posted over at Catavino. As you can see, we had a nice turnout and the wine lovers behind Catavino did something a little different with the roundup. Certainly as participation grows, it becomes more and more tedious to read the roundup posts (let alone write them). Let us know what you think about the format they tried. I’m also happy to announce that one of my favorite semi-local bloggers, Brookynguy is taking over the hosting reins for November’s WBW #39 with…

Wine Blogging Wednesday #38: Casa de Santar 1999 Dao Reserva


Welcome to Wine Blogging Wednesday #38 hosted by Ryan and Gabriella of Catavino. The theme, as one would expect when the blog for Iberian wines is playing host, focuses on that region. More specifically, Ryan and Gabriella asked participants to choose a table wine from Portugal. Port and Madeira are off limits and they also challenged us to come up with something more interesting than Vinho Verde or  Douro reds. I have only tried a handful of Portuguese reds in my three or four years of serious wine drinking. All were okay, but nothing really grabbed me and said "pay…

The Roundup: WBW #36 Get Naked (Finally)


I know that it’s taken me a while to get this roundup written and posted, but my back is finally feeling pretty good and I’m able to sit up for long periods of time. That’s certainly good news and something to drink to, right? So on to WBW! Thank you to every single blogger (or non-blogger) who has ever participated Wine Blogging Wednesday. What started as a simple, fun idea (and a rip off of a Is My Blog Burning) has make it through 36 iterations and is still going strong. It’s been a ton of fun and there are…