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Love at First Twist

By Contributing Columnist Robin Mererdith I’d like to welcome Robin Meredith as LENNDEVOURS’ newest contributor. He is the former owner of Broadfields Wine Cellars and The Tasting Room on the North Fork of Long Isla...


Sips and Slurps (March 23)

I taste a lot of wine—and I mean a lot of wine. I hope that doesn’t sound like complaining, because it’s anything but. I love exploring the world of wine and bringing the best—and sometimes even the worst—to you, my r...


Making Wine at the Equator: Zabibu

I got an email late last week from the founding mother of Long Island wine, Louisa Hargrave. That’s not particularly noteworthy as we correspond regularly and obviously share a common affection for our local wine region. ...


Vineyard 48 Hires a New Vineyard Manager

Vineyard 48 has just hired Huntington, NY-native Chris Kelly as its new vineyard and estate manager After being a professional bee keeper in Hawaii for five years, Kelly returned to Long Island in 1982 and pursued a career in v...


“MERLOT” License Plate Illegal in Utah

File this one under "I sure am glad that I don’t live in a theocratic state." The license plate that you see mocked up at right was just deemed illegal in the state of Utah–after it had been issued and use...


New North Fork Winery: Medolla Vineyards

I got an email this morning from John Medolla, who along with his wife  Denise, just released their first merlot under the new Medolla Vineyards label–adding yet another producer to the North Fork wine scene. I hope ...


Why Do Some Wineries and Restaurants Even Have Websites?

Warning: What follows is a frustration-induced rant. You’ve been warned. My ‘day job’ is in Internet marketing and I’ve long been a believer in the power of the Internet as an affordable tool organizatio...



In some ways, it feels like only yesterday that I started this blog with a short, not particularly interesting post. And it turns out that LENNDEVOURS has become something that I never intended or could have imagined. For one, ...