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Farmer’s Market vs. Grocery Store

Sam over at Becks & Posh has written a post that I think people need to read. We all know that we can get better, tastier, more responsibly grown produce at farmer’s markets. But did you know that it can be cheaper? I...


Beer Podcast: Blue Point Summer Ale and Barcade

Rich Thatcher and I are back again this week with another installment of our Long Island beer podcast.  As always we have Long Island beer news and a run down of all the upcoming events listed on the Long Island Beer Calen...


WBW #33: Château de la Casenove 2004 Masia M

Wines like this one are what make Wine Blogging Wednesday so great. You see, my knowledge of French wine is mediocre at best and my knowledge of wines from the Midi is even more limited. Actually, I know next to nothing other t...


May’s Local with Local Pairing

The goal of my new "Local with Local" series is to not only show how well Long Island food goes with Long Island wine, but also to make it easier for people to try putting the two together at home. For our inaugural p...


Empire Oenophile in Edible Brooklyn’s Spring Issue

The fine folks at Edible Brooklyn have gotten around to posting the current issue, Spring 2007, on their website, so now I can point you to my first "Empire Oenophile" column there(It’s a pdf). I think you’...


Reminders: Wine Blogging Wednesday and Brooklyn Uncorked

Tomorrow is going to be a fun day, that’s for sure. For one, it’s Wine Blogging Wednesday #33, with mid-priced wines from the Midi as the theme. Don’t worry Marcus, I won’t let the rest of the day’...


Gary Vaynerchuck Just Bought Cork’d. Is he the Next Rupert Murdoch?

This just in: Gary Vaynerchuk, everyone’s favorite wine vlogging superstar, has just agreed to purchase cork’d as a part of a newly formed company (which he will head). On the surface, this might not sound like big ...


Brooklyn Oenology Launches Website

What, you’ve never heard of Brooklyn Oenology? Don’t feel bad. I hadn’t heard about them until fairly recently myself. But, they’ve launched a new website this week. Basically, they’ve bought some ...