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Vineyard Visuals: Dandelions at Shinn Estate Vineyards

Photo courtesy of Shinn Estate Vineyards. "Here is a nice photo that we took just before the dandelions bolted and went to seed. They actually do very well under the vine row and provide calcium and organic matter to the s...


WBW #34 Announced: Washington Cabernet

Washington wines…we’ve all ready about them in books, magazines and blogs, but have we really taken a hard look at them? I know that I haven’t, though I’ve had some terrific ones over the years. The 34th...


Hey, I was quoted in a news story…

It’s not every day that I find myself quoted not as a blogger but as someone who follows and knows the New York wine industry. But, it does happen. The story, in the Itacha Journal, focuses on ‘truth in wine labels&...


Latest Dinner Party: Salad Course

Saturday night, we had a dinner party with a few good friends. We call it our "Long Distance Supper Club" because two attendees live up in Poughkeepsie, NY (about 2.5 hours from our house) and my sister in-law and her...


Vineyard Visuals: Between Two Posts

This is a shot taken in the Hamptons at Wolffer Estate’s vineyard on Sunday morning by our resident photographer, Ellen Watson. "I stopped on 27, away from the buildings, etc. of the winery.  I love this image b...


LENNDEVOURS Q&A: Trent Preszler, COO for Bedell Cellars

Today marks the beginning of yet another new feature here at LENNDEVOURS, the "LENNDEVOURS Q&A." (Catchy name, no?) Briefly, I’m going to ask the same 7 questions to people throughout the New York wine indus...

Idiots in Tasting Rooms

I’m way behind on my posting, but we had a dinner party Saturday night and I spent much of the tail end of last week preparing for it. Yes, I’ll have some pictures of the party soon. Yesterday afternoon, we took a q...

Farmer’s Market vs. Grocery Store

Sam over at Becks & Posh has written a post that I think people need to read. We all know that we can get better, tastier, more responsibly grown produce at farmer’s markets. But did you know that it can be cheaper? I...