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Wine Blogging Wednesday Mentioned in Food & Wine

Thanks to the good doctor, I was able to track down the mention of Wine Blogging Wednesday in the latest issue of Food & Wine. Pretty cool that our little international tasting event was mentioned…even if their link t...


Wine Blogging Wednesday and Wine & Spirits Magazine

Just a couple brief things this morning… First and foremost, don’t forget that today is Wine Blogging Wednesday #31: Non-Traditional Packaging. Nena and I will be tasting our bag-in-box wine this evening, so stay tu...


Grand Cru Classes to host Open House April 23

I’ve written about Grand Cru Classes before and its founders, Tracy and Jared are knowledgeable, passionate wine lovers who are doing something I believe in–bringing top-notch wine education to the North Fork of Lon...

WTN: Peconic Bay Winery 2005 Steel Fermented Chardonnay (North Fork of Long Island)

I can still remember my first sip of Peconic Bay Winery’s steel fermented Chardonnay like it was yesterday. I had just moved to Long Island and was then only flirting with the region and its wines. This flirtation has sin...


WTN: Corey Creek Vineyards 2005 Cabernet Franc

Despite the obvious success of Merlot on the North Fork, there are many people – myself included – who get just as excited about Cabernet Franc. This grape, a more subdued, more feminine genetic parent of Cabernet Sauvignon...

Where is the Long Island Wine & Culinary Center?

First, the New York Wine & Grape Foundation opened up the New York Wine & Culinary Center in Canandaigua. That made sense to me. The NYWGF is headquartered in the Finger Lakes and that region also has the most wineries....


Grapes Gone ‘Ganic at Bonterra Vineyards

Most of us can agree that organic farming is a good thing. Good for the plants. Good for the land. Good for the groundwater. And, good for those eating the resulting produce. But questions remain about whether or not organic vi...


Sang Lee Farms in canvas magazine

In this month’s issue of canvas, Cindy Krezel turns her Tasting Notes column to one of my favorite North Fork farms, Sang Lee Farms. The story focuses mainly on greens, but take it from someone who has driven out there (a...