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Eric Asimov Advocates Learning Wine at Home

In my early travels as a wine writer (outside of this blog that is) I’ve come across more than a few editors who aren’t interested in my wine reviews. That’s all well and good. My style obviously isn’t f...


Desperately Seeking 1995 Long Island Reds

When it comes to great Long Island wine vintages 2005 very well may prove to be the best of all time. But, before there was 2005, there was 2001. And, before there was 2001, there was 1995. Of course, I’ve only tasted a c...

LENNDEVOURS Meet Up…Revisited

Okay. This blog has been a big part of my life (and I hope at least a little part of yours) for over three years now. I’ve threatened several times to have a get together/party/meet up/whatever you want to call it, but it...


Outer Coastal Plain Piece at Appellation America

I know that you guys probably think that I never write about anything that isn’t New York related. That’s simply not true. Today on Appellation America they’ve published a feature that I wrote that has nothing...


Can’t Wait for My Birthday

Normally, I try to downplay my birthday. I really don’t like the attention of big parties and the like. I’ve never been someone that enjoys the lime light. But this year, I’m very excited about my birthday. Wh...


Schneider Vineyards’ Roanoke Point Vineyard Sold

I heard over the weekend that Schneider Vineyard’s recently sold their Roanoke Point vineyard, which is predominantly planted with cabernet franc. I don’t have a ton of details, but I was sorry to hear that the buye...

Ballad of the Pour Man and the Well-Known Wine Reviewer

By Christopher Watkins As if, in opposite corners, our trainers had just told us to “Go out there and get ‘em,” we square off, I on the wine side of the bar, you on the other. What, I wonder, is there in your armor in the...


Long Island Dines: Farmer Bar (Cutchogue, NY)

On Saturday afternoon, with my mom and sister in town for Easter (and to see Jackson) we did a quick North Fork wine jaunt so that my family could buy some wine. You see, they live outside of Pittsburgh, PA…where LI wines...