Even if Fatemah considers me the "most likely to blow me off" (without reason I might add) I’ve decided to take part in this meme.

Basically, I’ve been asked to dig back into the LENNDEVOURS archives to find my 23rd post and the fifth line of that post.

So…looking back, my 23rd post happens to have been done on April 26, 2004…my 29th birthday. It wasn’t a ground-breaking post by any means, but the fifth line is interesting:

"Hopefully I’ve ‘cellared’ it well and it’s still good…"

What exactly am I talking about here? It was a bottle of 1996 Barolo that I decided to open with dinner.

It’s interesting to look back…because that was just at the beginning of my full-blown wine-geekdom…and I’ve learned SO much since then. Notice the phrase "still good"…like wine is either good or bad…no in between.

I don’t even remember the wine, sadly. And part of me wishes I hadn’t opened it. I think I’d be able to appreciate it much more now. At the time, I probably thought it harsh or "too big" or something.

I’ve learned so much about wine since this post…and I have so many people to thank…many of whom are members of the food/wine blogging community. So thanks!

Looking back at my archives also makes me realize how much I’ve gotten away from posting about the cooking Nena and I do. Perhaps LENNDEVOURS has become far too wine-centric. Perhaps I’ve not been cooking as much as I used to.

It’s always fun to look back…and then look to the future.

So who should I force to look back at the history of their blogs?

  1. Cookin’ in the ‘Cuse
  2. Kristin Confit
  3. Basic Juice
  4. Dr. Vino
  5. Iron Stomach