We finally did it. I just put my application in the mail to join The Golden Earthworm Organic Farm’s 2006 CSA program. We’re actually sharing a share with some friends of ours (Matt and Tara), just to see how we like it and to make sure we don’t have too much food. Matt, who used to live in the Hudson Valley has some experience with CSA programs up there and he seems to think that sharing a share will be more than enough for us.

I’d like to thank our local Stop & Shop grocery story for making this move neccessary. Their produce is beyond awful — flavorless, often well on its way to spoiled and just plain disgusting.

This summer, instead of being forced to eat cardboard-like vegetables…we’ll get fresh, organically grown produce. I can’t wait.

And, Golden Earthworm also has it’s own blog — even if they don’t udpate it much.