Posts Written OnJune 19, 2007

WTN: Shinn Estate Vineyards 2006 First Fruit (North Fork)


Chardonnay, shmarddonay. Yes, chardonnay is the white wine that dominates the Long Island wine scene. It’s the most planted and, obviously, most made. That’s because despite trends away from it, it’s still the most sold white wine in the market. Yes, I like–and sometimes love–local chardonnay. The acid balance can be stellar in these parts. But, so far this spring, the wines I’ve been digging most have been local sauvignon blancs. There have already been several 2006 sauvignons that I’ve enjoyed and Shinn Estate Vineyards’ 2006 First Fruit ($23) which is primarily sauvignon blanc, with just a squirt (4%) Semillon,…

Visiting the Finger Lakes: Part 2


By Finger Lakes Correspondent Jason Feulner In the first part of this series, I wrote about when to go to the Finger Lakes, where to stay for maximum wine-tasting opportunity, and how to go about selecting wineries to visit.  This time around, I’d like to talk about the general qualities of the wine and other attractions. If any readers have any questions–any questions at all–feel free to leave a comment. I am happy to help no matter the query! What to Expect in the WineThe Finger Lakes region has a reputation for white wine, which is well-deserved. Riesling is good…