Posts Written OnJune 26, 2007

A Week Without Wine…Yes Really


This might surprise you, but every now and then, I like to take a week off from drinking wine (or alcohol of any sort for that matter)–and this is one such week. Sure, I’ve got a lot of wines in my tasting queue, but they can wait until the weekend. For now, I’m going to enjoy a week filled with lots of water, which will refresh my body, mind and also palate. But don’t worry, I’ve got plenty of tasting notes I haven’t published yet and a few more interesting things planned. I like lime wedge or even a cucumber…

Three Shinn Sips for Summer…and Breakfast to Boot


"There is no reason to produce wimpy little pink wines with no varietal character." That’s what David Page, co-owner of Shinn Estate Vineyards said when I asked him about his 2006 Rose ($16)–a much richer, bolder wine than many local bottlings. He’s right, the strawberry- and watermelon-scented wine with a faint buttery note is far from wimpy. It’s medium bodied and much rounder and fuller on the palate–but still balanced with gentle acidity and even a little tannic structure. While not the style I prefer, it’s hard to argue with this wine’s versatility. Page recommends it with "everything from lobster…