Posts Written OnJanuary 15, 2008

Finger Lakes Pioneer Donates Books to Cornell Wine Library


Everyone knows that Dr. Konstantin Frank and the winery he founded blazed a trail for East Coast wine. But he was also the owner an extremely extensive book collection, which has been donated to Cornell University. In doing so, the Frank family has made Cornell’s viticulture and winemaking collection at the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station’s Lee Library one of the best in the country. The Konstantin Frank family book donation consists of 132 titles, composed of 19th and 20th century titles on a wide variety of topics including horticulture, plant science, viticulture, enology, chemistry, nature, history and literature…

Vineyard Visuals: Wolffer Estate Through the Seasons (January 12)


It’s been a little while since our resident photographer, Ellen Watson, sent a photo update of our little block of Wolffer Estate chardonnay. We’ve had a lot of dreary weather when Ellen was out that way, and as you can see, we still haven’t had any snow that is sticking long. There is something about vineyards this time of year that I find so appealing. I actually think I find them more attractive now than when they are lush and over-flowing with green and grapes. Maybe it’s the fact that they are sleeping now, preparing to bring us great wines…

Finger Lakes Harvest 2007: Excellent for Reds, Hopeful for Whites


By Finger Lakes Correspondent Jason Feulner  "The intense flavors just burst in your mouth," explains Phil Davis of Damiani Wine Cellars, describing the qualities of the red vinifera grapes he harvested and tasted in the fall of 2007. "The juice is dark and complex and shows a lot of potential." Davis is one of many Finger Lakes winemakers who are extolling the virtues of the 2007 harvest, which they claim may lead to one of the best Finger Lakes vintages in many years. The weather certainly was unique. A dry spring led to a very dry summer; the growing season…