By Evan Dawson, Finger Lakes Editor

Nearly five years after its grand opening, the New York Wine and Culinary Center in Canandaigua is getting a makeover. It is not of the extreme variety, and the relatively modest cost (by modern construction standards) has managers thinking the renovations could be finsihed in just two months.

The main tasting room will be converted into a banquet space, with room for as many as 150 people. The new tasting room will occupy the current gift boutique. 

Upstairs, the NYWCC will make a few changes to the Taste of New York Restaurant. The large open space in the floor that allows diners to see the room below will be closed up. That will allow for more seating, while making for for a slightly quieter atmosphere. (The photo shows the current arrangement; the new floor space will be created where the large chandalier currently hangs.)

Total price tag for the changes: $200,000.

Executive Director Alexa Gifford says the center has "a more mature view of its mission" after five years in business. Cutting back on unused space will be designed to bring more visitors in.

The fundraising drive is already underway. Assuming it's successful, directors believe the NYWCC will have corrected any initial designs that failed to optimize space. "The new building layout will allow us to reach more people," Gifford says.