By Lenn Thompson, Executive Editor

WBAI think I can speak for my fellow editors and contributors when I say that we'd publish this website even if only our friends and family read it. Cliche or not, it's a labor of love. We really do love doing it.

That said, it is still an honor to be recognized by our peers in the wine writing community and readers like you.

A little over an hour ago, it was announced that we won the Best Single-Subject Wine Blog category at the 2011 Wine Blog Awards.

Winning this category for the third-straight year is unbelievably humbling and also satisfying. Over the course of eight years, this has gone from being a solo act to an orchestra of voices and melodies with a singular rhythm — that of "local" in New York State.

Tonight, we raise a glass — not to ourselves, but to the artisans who create that which inspires us — and to you for letting us bring their stories to you every week. Your contributions are what makes this site what it is today.

It is that community we've created together that I am most proud of.