Posts Written OnFebruary 04, 2016

Corks of the Forks: The truth about winter in Wine Country


Other than that recent big snowstorm, we’ve had a relatively mild winter thus far. It’s been my kind of winter, with limited time spent shoveling. Let’s hope I didn’t just jinx us. Despite the relatively mild weather, you just don’t see big crowds in Wine Country this time of year. Once the last pumpkins are picked, the tide of humanity recedes a bit through Thanksgiving and then fades even more as winter settles in. On one hand, I understand it. There are few things more enjoyable than sharing a bottle of wine, overlooking a vineyard on a warm, summer day.…

From the Archives: Restaurant Turns Up Rare Bottle of 1966 Dr. Frank Riesling


Editor’s Note: Every Thursday — call it Throwback Thursday if you’d like — we’ll pull a story from the more than a decade of NYCR stories and republish it. This week, I’ve pulled a story written by Evan Dawson that focused on a bottle of Dr. Konstantin Frank 1966 Johannisberg Riesling that we were lucky enough to taste before our 2009 Wines of the Year tasting.  I could barely believe the photograph, sent from a friend. The bottle in the picture said Dr. Konstantin Frank 1966 Johannisberg Riesling, but it did not make sense that a restaurant was selling such a bottle…