WolffersparklingA couple hours after first sipping the 1993 vintage, we uncorked the Wolffer Estate Vineyards 2000 Cuvee Sparkling Wine as another part of our early Valentine’s Day celebration.

57% Chardonnay and 43% Pinot Noir, we enjoyed this sparkler with seared scallops with lemon-chive butter Saturday night. More accurately, Nena enjoyed the two together. I just sipped the bubbly and prepped the next course.

Eyes: The 2000 is siginifcantly lighter than the 1993, which is expected, but it seems to also offer a finer bead and seem much more "alive" in the flute.

Nose: It also has a much more luscious nose of golden delicious apples and white peaches. Light hints of honey and yeast as well.

Tongue: Very clean and crisp with great acidity, I think it’s much more fun and enjoyable…especially for food. Gentle creaminess to go with more golden delicious apples. Very good.

Price: $29

Overall: This is definitely our favorite of the two…hands down. I’d definitely buy this again. It’s not my favorite Long Island sparkler, but it’s delicious and well made.

Lenn’s Grade: B+

Nena’s Grade: A