As any of you TypePad services users out there know, you can find out what Google searches are bringing people to your site pretty easily.

Most of the time, mine involve restaurants, wines or recipes I’ve written about…not stuff that is all that interesting.

But last night, one of the searches that led someone to LENNDEVOURS disturbed me to my very core:

yellowtail wine mixed with milk and sugar

Please say it ain’t so. I can only assume that somewhere someone has actually done this…seems kind of specific to have been invented by the Googler.

You guys know that I’m pretty anti-snobbery when it comes to wine, but first Bush’s supporters are drinking Texas Sangria and now people are mixing wine with milk and sugar?

Why not add some vanilla ice cream and some ice in a blender?

I’m a touch disturbed by this…has anyone heard of this?  Is it all just a bad dream?