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WTN: Lenz 2005 “Old Vines” Chardonnay (North Fork of Long Island)


Yesterday I wrote about a $20 chardonnay that I just wasn’t into from Lenz Winery. Today, I’m going to tell you about another chardonnay that they just released that shows much more balance, elegance and overall quality. And, it’s only $5 more. Yes, I think you’ll do well to upgrade to the Lenz 2005 “Old Vines” Chardonnay ($25), one of Long Island’s better values in barrel-fermented chardonnay. It’s debatable whether or not any vines on Long Island qualify as old — I think these vines are still less than 30 years old — but that’s a discussion for a different…

Whisper Vineyards: Suffolk County’s Westernmost Vineyard

Almost a year ago, a few days after Jackson was born, I found myself on Edgewood Avenue in St. James as I was driving back to the hospital. It’s a well-traveled road but not one that I’m on that often. I remember looking to my left and seeing what I immediately recognized as a vineyard. A vineyard that I hadn’t noticed before. With all that was going on, I didn’t really follow up with it. It’s across the street from Borella’s Farmstand and Greenhouses and figured I could call there to get the scoop. I just never did. A new…

WTN: Lenz 2005 Gold Label Chardonnay (North Fork of Long Island)


I’ll tell you about my favorite of the Lenz Winery chardonnays tomorrow, but today let’s focus on one that I didn’t like as much. Actually, I’ve never cared for winemaker Eric Fry’s Gold Label Chardonnay much, and his 2005 release ($20) is no different. It’s definitely made in the California style that is – thankfully – losing popularity among most wine drinkers. It’s medium-dark gold in the glass with a lot of oak on the nose, coming across with toasted marshmallow, sweet oak, and faint caramel aromas. There’s also some roasted apple there, but it’s subservient to the domineering oak.…

Web Find: The Oyster Guide (


I don’t eat oysters, but I find their place in history fascinating. I read Mark Kurlansky’s book on the topic a while back and really enjoyed it. I was doing some research on Pipes Cove Oysters yesterday (because Palmer Vineyard’s is making a 2007 chardonnay to pair specifically with them) and stumbled upon The Oyster Guide by Rowan Jacobsen, a terrific website for anyone who is interested in this famously raw bivalve. When it comes to terroir, we usually think about wine or maybe cheese or even produce, but it’s just as important to oysters apparently. According to the site:…

Check Out Appellation America’s Wine Explorer Society


Most of my blogging focuses the wines of New York State. They are wines that I’m more excited and passionate about and you know that I drink local whenever possible. But, there are interesting and delicious wines being made throughout the United States and Canada. There are even a few in California. And it’s time that I start to explore those a bit more as well. And, because I’ve signed on as a guide for Appellation America’s Wine Explorer Society, I have a vehicle in which to discover wines from all the off-beat and up-and-coming North American regions. The Wine…

Jackson on Thanksgiving Day


Most years, it’s not really warm enough for a 10-month old to be outside in his swing without a coat on Thanksgiving, but this year it was in the high 60s, so we spent a little time outside. Jackson didn’t care for the turkey much (even after a trip through the food mill with some mashed potatoes) but he did enjoy some winter squash puree. That’s seasonal, no?

Wine Blogging Wednesday #39 Roundup Posted #40 Announced


Once again, a Wine Blogging Wednesday roundup has been posted and I didn’t realize it. For WBW #39, Brooklynguy wanted us to check out "Silver Burgundy" and it looks like plenty of people found delicious wines. Mine was only okay, but it was still fun checking out a region that I know very little about. And, Sonodora over at Wannabe Wino has announced the theme for WBW #40. She wants participants to check out Petite Sirah, a varietal that I dig and think I’ll actually be able to find a good representation of.

WTN: Lenz 2001 Cuvee (North Fork of Long Island)


I mentioned last week that I was thankful for Eric Fry and his local bubblies. As coincidence would have it, I tasted one of those very sparklers over the holiday weekend. Lenz Winery has garnered quite a bit of praise in the press by taking on high-end Bordeaux wines in blind tastings. Just this past weekend, Lenz hosted one such event where they poured 2001 Chateau Petrus, 2001 Peby-Faugeres, 2001 L’Evangile, 2001 L’Eglise Clinet, and 2001 Lenz Old Vines Merlot. I’m not sure that Long Island wine will get where it can go by constantly comparing itself to Bordeaux, but…

The Thanksgiving Plate


Well, I just finished my third or fourth round of stuffing turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes etc. down my throat over the past two days…because it’s so delicious. A quick run down… The Turkey. Amazingly moist and with a texture that I’d describe as almost succulent. I wasn’t sure what to expect from our first Bourbon Red, but the flavor, texture and moistness has sold me. Plus, I know where the turkey was raised, who raised it and how it was raised. The Stuffing. I think I want to eat my wife’s stuffing every day. The Pies. Yes, plural. Nena made…