WinecomThere was a time when I ordered wine from on occasion, but no more.

You’ve probably heard about this already, so I won’t write it out in full detail, but has gone tattle tale on its competition, and not in any sort of professional or honest way. Alder over at Vinography has all the pathetic details.

I think pathetic is a good word here, don’t you? I’d encourage any reader of LENNDEVOURS to never order from again. I’m boycotting them as well.

If they are losing ground to their competition (I have no idea if they are), maybe they should spend more time figuring out how they can improve their service and less time playing vigilante, setting up these "stings" to "catch" other retailers doing something they shouldn’t be doing.

By the way, I first ordered from back in 1998. I was living in Pennsylvania at the time and they shouldn’t have shipped me wine. They did. AND, I didn’t even have to sign for it.