Posts Written OnJune 20, 2005

Tasting Table — Ending 06.19.05


Taking a page out of Jaime Goode’s book, I’ve decided to start taking pictures every Sunday of the wines Nena and I have tasted the week prior. It was a relatively small lot this week…I expect it will grow the next couple of weeks as I pre-write several columns for July (when I’ll be out for our wedding and honeymoon). This week, we have (from left to right): Laurel Lake Vineyards 2000 Cabernet Sauvignon: B- Laurel Lake Vineyards 2000 Cabernet Franc: C+ Laurel Lake Vineyards 2003 Pinot Noir: B/B+ Sherwood House Vineyards 2001 Merlot: A- Sherwood House Vineyards 2001 Chardonnay:…

Garden Update: Three Weeks Later


As you can see in the picture above, our first garden is growing quite nicely. The zucchini and tomatoes seem to be doing particuarly well, with the peppers and cukes doing okay in their own right. Our basil plant is getting a bit unruly (need to start using it more!) but some of the herb seeds we planted are starting to poke their heads through the dirt too. Now that it’s growing (and going) so well, I really wish we had planted more. It’s still not bad for a first garden though. I’m definitely hooked. I’m particuarly proud of how…