Posts Written OnJune 24, 2005

Want Austrian Wine? Check out WineMonger


Two wine blogs that I read regularly, BasicJuice and The Silk Roaf of Wine have mentioned a new online wine retailer — — that focuses on Austrian wines. That’s Austrian…not Australian. This is great news for anyone who has ever wanted to taste some Gruner Veltliner but had a hard time finding it in local wine shops — which was me until recently. And, the have a decent selection of Austrian reds as well…including some blaufrankisch. Check it out…

Sure Bets at Sherwood House Vineyards


                    As the resident wine aficionado (or geek) at Dan’s Papers, I’m “forced” to taste several wines each and every week. In just under a year with the paper, I’ve already filled up one whole notebook with notes and comments and have started another. It’s hard work, but someone has to do it, right?                    Through hundreds (thousands?) of sips, I’ve learned that when I taste a winery’s new releases, I can almost always find at least one I enjoy. Just about every winery on Long Island has…

Ternhaven Cellars’ 2000 Wines


In 1994, Harold Watts, a former economics professor at Columbia University in New York, bought five acres of land on Alvah’s Lane, just off Route 48 in Cutchogue, NY. Not long after, he planted his vines — merlot, cabernet sauvignon and cabernet franc. And, in 1997 Ternhaven Cellars was born when he opened his tasting room and production facility in Greenport, NY…in a rennovated gas station. I guess you could say he’s a New York garagiste. Last night, I tasted three of his current releases, all from the 2000 vintage (he ages his wines more than many local winemakers do…